Harini Hometex is an Exporter of Quality Towels and Bedding Products

Bath Sheets and Hand Towels

Harini Hometex Bath Sheets are simply WOW!
Use our high quality bath sheets, wash cloths & hand towels to feel clean and fresh!

Sizes Available

Our collection includes bath sheets 30 x 56 Inches, Hand towels 16 x 28 Inches, Wash Cloths 13 x 13 Inches

Colors Available

We have towels in various colors like White, Ivory, Grey, Taupe and Navy Blue


We offer a range of high quality towels and linen that are 100% Eco-friendly cotton

Product Specification

Harini Hometex Towels are a luxurious gift and an stunning addition to your spa or bathroom.

  • 100% Luxurious towels from Extra long staple cotton
  • Highly absorbent and long-lasting durable towels
  • Super soft with good hand feel and very cozy to use
  • Machine washable warm, low tumble dry

Harini Hometex Towels

There is nothing like the feel of using fresh towels. Treat yourself to our quality hand towels and bath cloths to feel clean and fresh

Harini Hometex Bath Sheets, Hand Towels, Wash Cloths

Bath Sheets, Hand Towels, Wash Cloths

Harini Hometex Bath Sheets

Bath Sheets

Harini Hometex Wash Cloths

Wash Cloths

Harini Hometex Hand Towels

Hand Towels